Spanish Wedding Customs

With Spain’s big World Cup win, I thought I’d blog about some of my favorite Spanish Wedding customs.

1. In true Spanish wedding tradition the bride will wear a traditional silk, black dress with an accompanying black lace veil held in place by combs.

A bride from the Andalusia region may wear a flamingo style dress to honor the old Spanish wedding customs of that region.

2.Brides carry orange blossom bouquets or wear wreaths or tiaras decorated with orange blossoms. This is to symbolize a life of happiness and fulfillment for the couple.

3.In Spanish wedding customs, the wedding ceremony is held in the early evening.

4.The bride and groom will give their guests small wedding favors.

The Groom will also give the men cigars at some time during the reception.

The bride will give the women who are single small pins that are worn upside down. A Spanish wedding custom says that if a woman looses the pin during the reception she is believed to be the next to get married.

5. The bride is expected to embroider a groom’s wedding shirt to wear at the wedding ceremony.

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