5 Great Ways to Panic-Proof Your Wedding Day

Her Wedding PlannerTechnically, your Hamilton wedding should be the ‘happiest day’ of your life. However, if you’re not too careful you could easily slide down into ‘worry-mode’ making your big day  most stressful. Here are 5 ways to get your nerves under control on your ‘day of blissful union’.


1. Plan ahead of time.  Nothing holds truer: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Your wedding – any event for that matter – is like a wine glass; you only drink what you put inside of it. If you have not done the planning side ahead of D-day then you have all the reason to press the panic button.


2. Get reliable hands.   Getting a pro (i.e., wedding planners) may cost you some hard-earned cash. However, if getting an event set is not your cup of tea then getting       someone do the ‘thinking’ for you could save you the trouble. On the other hand, the service of a close relative or friend may also be a good choice. Just make sure these people can hold up to what you want.


3. Have a Plan B.  For instance, a garden wedding will definitely need an alternative setting ready should the weather go awry. Taking time to ‘troubleshoot’ your wedding could be handy. It is easier to prevent various loopholes when you know them ahead of time.


4.  Assign a crisis person.  On your big day, little details could overwhelm you. Have a crisis team or person to handle last-minute adjustments. Your biggest job is to walk down the aisle and get wed. The rest are but pleasantries.


5. De-stress.   A day or two before the wedding learn to de-stress yourself. People who have incorporated these in their lifestyle know how important it is to be in top form. There are a variety of ways to do this (i.e.,yoga, meditation, going to the gym, swimming).


When you get worry out of your system, your small steps down the aisle turns into giant leaps to a momentous milestone in your life.

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