On Weddings and Port Cities

While the imagined image of getting married in a port city is liable to leave to-be weds with a diorama made up of the bride and groom in a dirty and smelly pier, that illusion is actually wrong.

For proof, there’s Hamilton, Ontario – one of Canada’s more well known port cities, and one that is also infamous for having its share of weddings and wedding celebrations.

As part of the greater Ontario province, Hamilton is home to a number of long-standing cultural and educational institutions, apart from having a busting industrial and manufacturing sector.

To-be wed couples wouldn’t be at fault in being quick in dispelling any thought of getting married in a city known for its manufacturing and industrial zones, but just as quick as anyone would think twice in getting hitched in city famed for its factories, Hamilton isn’t without its own unique range of attractions, the shared Royal Botanical Gardens being one good example.

Its diverse environment also makes it ideal for outdoor-themed weddings and wedding receptions, a Hamilton trait that isn’t lost to filmmakers, given the fact that there have been countless film and TV productions done in the city.

With its diverse range of outdoor fields, lush gardens and cool beaches, Hamilton’s overall character as a port city doesn’t exactly do justice to its actual being.

While planning for your wedding, don’t be too quick in leaving out port cities as your prospective location. The mention of it may conjure the image of piers and rusty warehouses, but that image is not exactly what you have to expect in getting hitched in a port city.

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