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Jaedene Hudson and David Love.Your wedding photos will be your wedding momentos that you’ll keep for the rest of your life. Wedding photography has come a long way since your parents got married. With the right photographer you can have magazine ready wedding pictures that you’ll love looking at years down the road.

You can start checking out picturesque venues for your wedding shoot now. Look at the time of year and see which local parks, historical sites and settings will best suit your photos. You can even ask your photographer which locations they suggest for your wedding photos. depending on your tastes and preferences you’ll find some locations are more up your alley than others.

City Scapes
Taking pictures downtown is a great way to express your love for your city, or all things urban.  Find a great looking spot that features a clean brick wall, or a wall with some clean graffiti. These make great backdrops for your wedding photos. You might even want to get some pictures of you and your husband in a corner store or in front of an old fashioned looking store front.

Make sure that your favorite part of town is accessible and won’t be hard for you to get in and out of your car. And if you’re going to do city photos, have fun with it! Play it up and enjoy yourself, you’ll only get one day where you can go to town in a wedding dress and be photographed like you’re on America’s Next Top Model.

The park is beautiful no matter what time of year you’re planing to have your wedding. A beautiful park full of flowers in bloom and trees with green foliage make the perfect backdrop in the spring and summer. In fall the changing colour of the leaves will add an extra special splash of colour to your pictures. In the winter the freshly fallen snow and bare trees plays up the mix of white and grey, and if your brides maids are wearing a bright colour their dresses will pop against the white and grey background.

Scout the local parks and look for gondolas and bridges, these will add interest and make great props.

Farms and Wineries 
Rustic pictures make for great wedding pictures for those who love everything natural and country. Research which farms and wineries allow you to come and take wedding photos and phone to ask if you need to book an appointed time to come and have your wedding photos taken.

Your photographer might even have a list of farms and wineries that allow you to take wedding photos. If you do decide to go to a farm or winery, make sure you have help with your dress and walk carefully so you don’t trip over anything or step in some manure.

Again you’ll need to do some research into the beaches around town. Make sure that they are clean and have areas where you can go to have your pictures taken without attracting a lot of photo bombers. Dockside pictures are gorgeous, but make sure you have sure footing or you might accidentally fall into the water.

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