Wedding Receptions: Making Your Choices Simpler

Her Wedding PlannerYour Hamilton wedding needs a reception, that’s for sure (or you may not need a guest list after all). And so here you must go again. Yet another big decision to make – and fast. Here’s to making your merrymaking options easier.


  • If you want to budget go for cocktails. Just toasts and perhaps some cake-cutting. Do away with the heavy meals. No need to get your mind blown away in preparation. And for that matter, your budget. A call to your local café can do the trick.


The down side: This is ideal for a small crowd. So a group of best friends witnessing the day you walk down the aisle would best fit this option. Of course, the merrymaking will be much shorter. It’s a no-brainer: Low food equals low energy.


  • For longer merrymaking, do sit-downs. Sit-downs in a booked venue will give you enough time to savor your ‘first day’ together as a newlywed. It can go as grand as doing it in hotels or as closer to home as doing it in a barn. You can have all the time in the world to enjoy.


The catch: sit-downs take a lot more time and effort to get it going. And lest we forget, a lot more cold cash.


  •  Outdoors are great for photography. Wonderful memories,really. If you want a more adventurous choice, outdoor wedding is for you (e.g. beach, garden, picnic).


Cons: Outdoor, obviously, is weather-dependent. Some place their fate in prayers but if you don’t want your guests leaving faster than usual once the rain starts falling, having a plan B is a must.


Beach weddings are nice sand is good. Word of warning: Too much sand can kill the spirit of fun and excitement.

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