3 Wedding Planning Blunders & How to Avoid Them

Her Wedding PlannerNow, there is no need to hit the panic button. Wedding blunders do happen. The perfect antidote is to identify them early to avoid them. Here are some of those nasty ‘little mistakes’ with catastrophic results and ways to get by them.


1. Financial Shortsightedness – This is a tricky one as this appears trivial until it hits you hard. For instance, you may have set aside a portion of your budget for your look. But for Pete’s sake. look does not only mean the gown. There could be hidden charges like shipping or alterations that comes with it. And how about other vital accessories (i.e., jewelry, hair accessories, shoes)


To counter, you may have to come-up with a more detailed financial plan for starters. Write things down to be exact. Also, getting helpful inputs from experts can go a long way.


2. No Plan B’s. Things will not always go down your way on the wedding. Giving your plans a fallback position can be timely. For instance, if you’re having an outdoor wedding – garden or beach – not setting aside covered space in case it rains would be an event-wrecker. Little details also need a plan B. Getting yourself too obsessed on a certain flower for your wedding day can be costly. Create a substitution plan should supply come short.


Again, the drawing board can help you a lot to avoid this pitfall. Take ample time to factor possible loopholes from the onset.


3. Getting everybody in. It is always best to come up with an itinerary or a program for the reception. Assuming everybody will be around during the toasts, for instance, can be disastrous. Inform key people ahead. Lack of clear direction can also create lapses in the celebration – a clear invitation for boredom to set in.


Come up with a schedule for the activities and have it announced. Better yet, distributing printed copies ahead can spell the difference between a wonderful celebration and a lousy one.


Thinking ahead can save you a lot of trouble. And give your wedding its rightful place.

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