Budget Wedding in Hamilton in 3 Easy Steps

Her Wedding PlannerTo a large extent, your Hamilton wedding can preoccupy your head like no other. And perhaps taking their cue from you, everybody in your immediate circle – from your mother to your BFF – become an instant expert, having a word or two to make your ‘big day’ a resounding success. Careful though, things can easily add up financially that is.

Thus, if you are on a tight budget – is preparing for your future baby perhaps – incorporating these 3 easy steps below can lighten your financial burden like no other.


1. Go against the norm. This one sounds revolutionary. But no need to be a Che Guevarra to make this one happen. Just plain practicality to get good savings.

In translation: Do not get services or goods when they are at their most expensive. A concrete example is not holding your wedding on a Saturday. Saturdays are when everybody are doing it, thus creating a high demand for vendors (e.g., florists, caterers).

Moreover, schedule your wedding during those months when the least number of people are booking theirs, meaning off-season. Late April to June to early July are the wedding months. You’ll face higher prices by then. Same goes true for your flowers, do not get those that are off-season as these will command a price.


2.  Scale down your wedding reception. No doubt, in any wedding, receptions are the financial Waterloos. This is the area where most of the cash gets eaten up. It is but advisable that you take a closer look into your reception and cut costs accordingly. For instance, you may choose to serve tapas instead of full meals.


3. Create a shortened version of your guest list. More guests, more expenses. Less guests, less expense. You can do this by separating the must-attends to the not-so-important.


In the end, a wedding should not sabotage your days ahead but rather give you a good start for a better future – together.

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