Straightening Out Your Wedding Finances

Wedding – in Hamilton or anywhere else – is like seesaw; keeping things financially-balanced is a challenge for the most part. On one end, you want to start your family into the right abundant path. On the other, you want to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime union.

In this regard, keeping your finances on a tight leash could be key. Remember, failing to plan is planning to fail. Here are helpful points.

1. Employ a list. Jotting things down diminishes your chances of failure. Plus, it is easier to improve – or consult friends – on things once they are listed.

2. Categorize. Subdivide all those things that you would have to spend on (i.e., expenditure) into major categories. An example would be food, venue, groom, bride and entertainment.

3. To make things more comprehensive, use a mind map. This makes sure that nothing’s left out (which could create unpleasant surprises later). Utilize a big piece of paper – the bigger, the better – and write wedding at the center. Next, add your major categories (from step 2). From each branch, add the different expenses, creating a ‘wedding tree’ in the process.

4. Seek word from married friends to assist you in getting your mix right, creating a budget in the process. Their experience makes an easy reference as they will be able to troubleshoot your list – for a possible lack or for blatant errors.

5. Make the most of templates available via the internet. Many wedding sites offer these services for free. These makes your job easier as all you have to do is enter vital info and the template gives you a running total. Pretty sweet.

Note that you may have to look over your list every now and then for best results. These tools are just a way for you to do what you should do best: keep your head and decide wisely.

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