Three Tips to a Budget-Wedding

Her Wedding PlannerYou may have been into the highest heaven when you got ‘proposed’. But getting your dream wedding in Hamilton can put your grand vision of walking down the aisle to the test – not to mention pull your wallet apart. Here are 3 key tips to get your big day without sacrificing a huge chunk of your savings:


1. Consider off-season. In the animal world, feeding when everybody does is a sure-fire formula to get into a fight. Why book your wedding when it is most expensive to do so? Prices soar when demand is high. For instance, caterers, florists and venues charge more during peak season (May – October). Getting your wedding outside of the ‘heavy months’ may not be popular can save you a fortune.


2. Enlist the army of friends and family. Choosing local talent to handle your wedding details may not only cut expenses for you, it could give wonderful memories to last. A concrete example would be the wedding planning. Chances are, somebody in the family may have done it or is good in organizing events. Before you consider hiring a pro, dig deep into your local pool. Same goes true for your wedding invitations or even those mouth-watery desserts.


3. To cut spending, map your financial plans. Decide ahead how much you are willing to spend for your wedding and break your budget into priorities. You may have to allot time with your future other to get this right. However, having a written financial plan and putting things in black and white early on can help you decide where to cut back on spending – or to not spend at all. A concrete example: guest list.


After all, you may not have to throw a fortune to get to your ‘dream wedding’ but you definitely have to give it serious thought – together.

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