Getting Those Wedding Shoes Right in Hamilton

Her Wedding PlannerTruly, they may not be just a matter of  style; the right shoes may complete your wedding in Hamilton like no other. And those who doubt the importance of a pair that fits should be warned: A sore feet is a sure-fire way to ruin a wedding. Unless you want to gamble on a lousy pair, here are proven tips that should  give your feet the right comfort.


  1. Get to the drawing boards first. There is a lot of wisdom in planning things out before you roll. Definitely, it’s when you rush that you will commit the most mistakes. Remember that there are as many shoe-style as there are kinds of parties and events (e.g., stilettos, flat shoes, white shoes, doll shoes). It’s good to bear in mind what your dream shoe-style is but you will have to factor practicality into it. It is very hard to walk in sand, for instance, on your beach wedding if you are wearing killer stilettos.


  1. Get reviews. Once you have settled on a particular shoe-style, grab a picture of your chosen shoe and get feedback. You can scour the net or get details from a bridal mag. Once you have the picture, give a copy via email to your chosen advisors or your bridesmaids for that matter. In this regard, using Pinterest can also be very helpful. Post it on board and see how your crowd react.


If you want to get a professional opinion, your wedding planner can also help you in this department. Feedback, be it good and bad, can go a long way as it shows a side of your fave shoe that you may not have seen or worse, is unwilling to see.


Of course, you alone will be the final arbiter in all of this. Word of warning: Online ordering is good if you get the shoe right (which is actually a hit-and-miss situation.)


In the end, getting methodical about it pays. And  the shoe that truly fits can help your ‘walk down the aisle’ become a memory worth keeping.

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