Five Shortcuts to Make Your Wedding Guest List Right

Her Wedding PlannerIt sure sounds simple. But, for many newlyweds who have been there, a thing as simple as getting the wedding guest list finalized can be truly contentious. Yet a Hamilton wedding should be a Hamilton wedding: fine and dandy. So here’s helpful tips, 5 to be exact, to keep your list out in order (and your wedding an affair to remember).


  • Team works. First and foremost, rally yourselves to work as one. Yourselves include your future-other half and those people who you’d give permission to do the inviting for you (e.g., parents from both sides). As it is very easy to get ahead of ourselves especially with the euphoria of a wedding proposal, make sure it’s crystal clear right from the onset: No phone calls or no text invites be given before you get to sort things out. Note that it’s very hard – or near impossible – to un-invite an invited one, even if done hurriedly. Backlash can be pretty toxic.


  • Agree on percentages. So you won’t squabble on who to invite, agreeing on percentages can do the trick. Say, 50 percent of the invites should come from you as future couple. Or 25 percent from each of you. And if, you find it warranted, the next 50 percent should be distributed to each of your parents. Not bad, most deserving especially if they will foot the bill (or part of it).


  • List by priorities. Not all of your guests will hold the same importance in your heart. To keep things in order, start wide then go narrow. Get all the names you want in a written list. Then from that list, pick the most important and group them as one. Then proceed to the not-so-important down to the so-so. Now if you want to trim your list, all you have to do is pick from the least going up.


  • Do the one-year test. Sometimes, you get chalked up with a particular name. Well, if you haven’t had a single conversation or any communication with that person for about a year then, be done with it.


  • Start small. Well, small is safe. Being with a tight circle of family and friends may get some people talking but it sure can keep your wallet intact – with minor deductions of course.
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